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5 unexpected ways to utilize a resistance band to improve your health


5 unexpected ways to utilize a resistance band to improve your health

Resistance bands are a popular exercise tool, and for good reason. Unlike dumbbells, these colorful, lightweight bands are easily transported (hotel room workout, anyone?) or stashed in a drawer to be whipped out for some at-home strength training. And they pack a serious punch when it comes to activating your muscles.In fact, research shows that…

5 unexpected ways to utilize a resistance band to improve your health

Resistance bands are a popular workout tool, and for great factor. Unlike dumbbells, these colorful, lightweight bands are easily transferred (hotel room exercise, anyone?) or stashed in a drawer to be whipped out for some at-home strength training. And they load a serious punch when it comes to activating your muscles.

In truth, research reveals that resistance bands activate numerous muscles as deeply, and sometimes much more so, than basic strength training with weights.

We produced a full-body workout regimen that you can use with resistance bands here But you may be amazed that there are other ways to utilize resistance bands beyond your standard exercise– from rehabbing injuries to enhancing flow.

Here are four ways to put physical fitness bands to good usage:

1. Rehab a shoulder injury

The shoulder is among the most complex joints in the body, and even a minor injury to it can remain for a long period of time. As lots of shoulder injuries are the result of overuse or poor movement, when you are rehabbing a shoulder injury you have to do so carefully to avoid re-injuring it.

Resistance bands can be really handy and they provide a much safer method to add strength training to shoulder injury rehab work than complimentary weights. Here are two relocations that almost anybody can attempt, but obviously, make sure you talk to your physician before performing if you are presently rehabbing an injury.

External Rotation

Protect one end of your resistance band to something that is level with your chest. Wrap the other end of the band around your hand and understand it firmly. Utilizing your complimentary hand, position a rolled towel between your body and arm to restrict its motion. Move your arm right out to the side and flex the elbow at a 90- degree angle so it is pointing towards your anchor point. Action to the side to produce resistance. Hold the pose for a count of 10 and then go back to the initial position. Repeat with the other arm.

Lat Pull Down

Attach the center of a resistance band to a constant item above your head and hold the ends of the band securely in your hands. Stand with your arms straight out in front of you, elbows straight and hands level with your chest. Making sure that you keep your arms straight, slowly lower them, pulling your arms down and back up until they’re down at hands. Hold the pose for a few seconds and after that return to the beginning position. Repeat for 5-10 reps.

2. Stretch tight hips

Tight hips can result in lower back pain, muscle discomfort and walking imbalances. Because numerous of us sit at a desk for hours a day, this is a typical issue. To keep your hip flexors open and healthy, try these basic resistance band exercises.

Newbie Hip Flexor Lunge

Anchor a resistance band around a strong item. A heavy table is a terrific choice. Wrap the other end of the resistance band around your upper thigh and after that step that leg back into a kneeling lunge with the left knee bent to 90 degrees and the right resting on the flooring. You’ll feel the band attempting to pull you forwards, and this is what will open up your hips. Maintain the posture for a couple of seconds, then return to your beginning position. Repeat 4 more times and then switch the band to your other thigh and repeat the circuit.

Advanced Hip Flexor Lunge

Once you get utilized to finishing the previous workout with great type, you can make it a bit more difficult. Rather of permitting one knee to remain on the floor, move into a more traditional lunge with your knee off the floor. It’s more tough, and you should perform this move gradually at initially, but it’s a terrific workout move for both the hips and the upper thigh.

3. Enhance flow and versatility when sitting

Sitting throughout the day can have a negative effect on our circulation (especially the blood circulation in our legs), while likewise triggering our lower body muscles to tighten up, impacting our versatility Resistance bands can aid with this. They offer a method to keep the blood flowing in your legs while sitting, in such a way that is discreet enough to carry out in the office or on a plane. Give these two workouts a try:

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Sitting Leg Presses

While sitting straight in your chair, cover the middle of a resistance band around the bottom of your foot. Extend that leg straight out in front of you, flexing your foot (keep the other foot on the flooring, knee bent at a 90- degree angle). Point your toe, pressing your foot downwards and extend your knee and hip. Hold for a few seconds before going back to the beginning position. Repeat five times and after that switch legs.

Sitting Leg Abductors

Sitting directly with your legs somewhat apart, cover a resistance band around your mid thighs above your knees. Stretch the band by pushing your knees outwards to either side as large as you easily can. Hold for a few seconds and after that go back to the beginning position. Repeat 5 times.

4. Activate your core

Pilates provides an effective way to work your entire body, however it focuses around the idea of strengthening your core Including a resistance band into the mix can make Pilates a lot more efficient core strengthener. Here are two relocations you can attempt:

Simple Stretch

Sit in a comfy, cross-legged position on the flooring. Sit up directly with your shoulders pulled back. Take the resistance band in both hands above your head and create tension by extending it slightly to both sides. This is your beginning position. Then, envision that you’re using your abdominal strength to open the band, and pull the band further apart as you engage your abs. Engage your lower and upper abs to brace your rib cage as you open the hands on an exhale to pull the band even more apart. Hold the present for five seconds and after that return to the beginning position. Repeat for ten reps.

Banded Overhead Press

Stay in a seated position and switch the band in your hands so that your palms are facing a little up. Hold the band above your head with your shoulders dropped back and loose with your back straight. Then, as you pull on the band, flex your elbows a little. Make certain that the band remains in the very same aircraft: keep the band above you rather of reaching the band behind or in front of you. This will work the chest, shoulders and upper abs. Hold for a count of five and after that release, Repeat for 10 reps.

4. Increase lung capability during yoga

Yoga is likewise an outstanding full-body exercise alternative, however did you know that by including a resistance band into the mix, you can work to increase your lung capacity? Here is a move to get you began that will strengthen the upper back muscles and open your chest cavity, allowing for complete lung volume.

Bellows Breath with Resistance Band

The Bellows Breath is frequently utilized in yoga, but by including a light resistance band you can make it more reliable and provide it an intriguing twist. This will help open up your chest and lungs so that you can take a fuller, deeper breath. To start, take a resistance band and wrap it loosely around your hands. Raise your hands above your head with your fingers splayed and the band wide. Breathe in deeply. As you breathe out, quickly move your elbows out a little to extend the band. Bend the elbows and open the chest. You might bring the band and the restore behind your head to open up the front of the body a lot more. You can also tilt your direct and look up to open your throat. Go back to the starting position with the arms directly up and holding the band large apart. Inhale, then breathe out quickly and open the arms and pull the band large once again. Repeat this breath in, breath out pattern and motion 10 times.


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